Mãn Đường Bảo Dụ - Top 100 Thương Hiệu Mỹ Phẩm, Gia Dụng Thảo Dược Hàng Đầu Việt Nam
Mãn Đường Bảo Dụ - Top 100 Thương Hiệu Mỹ Phẩm, Gia Dụng Thảo Dược Hàng Đầu Việt Nam


The forerunner of Bao Long Southeast Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is Bao Long Southeast Pharmaceutical Enterprise under the Ho Chi Minh City Police, established on June 1, 1990, over 20 years of construction and development. To have such outstanding achievements today is thanks to the leadership with extraordinary energy and the iron will of "captain" Nguyen Huu Khai along with the solidarity and attachment of thousands of workers and workers. tablets through periods. Bao Long's development path is like a long song full of majestic and tragic levels. Those bass notes that make up the distinctive and unique features have become a divine novel and a long-running series called "Road of Life".

In 1982, Nguyen Huu Khai escaped from prison, returned to his hometown to practice traditional medicine, because he had no qualifications and legal papers, was envious of the small people and tried to prevent them. Finally, physician Nguyen Huu Khai was ordered by the local authorities not to practice and was forced to leave the country to enter the new economic zone of Lam Dong, then move to Song Be again ...

In 1984, when Mr. Nguyen Huu Khai came from the new economic zone into the city. Ho Chi Minh practiced reading circuit, prescribing, and acupuncture. At the District 1 Club, Medicine Doctor Nguyen Huu Khai was highly assigned by the Management Board of the Oriental Medicine Club to organize medical seminars to supplement knowledge for club members, at the same time. see the prescribing circuit at the medical station, ward 18, district 1, then move to the charge of the district I clinic.

In 1985, District 5 Red Cross invited to become the head of the traditional medicine clinic and opened a class to foster knowledge of traditional medicine for its members. In 1987, City Traditional Medicine Hospital. Ho Chi Minh City organized a class "Circuit pharmacology" to foster knowledge for traditional medicine physicians. Here, physician Nguyen Huu Khai had the opportunity to reveal her qualifications, admired by colleagues and students, from all neighboring provinces: Tay Ninh, Song Be, Tien Giang, Can Tho ... attend class. At the beginning, there were only 30 students, but after a month, it increased to over 400 people. They had to divide into 2 classes and move to the big hall to study. After that, physician Nguyen Huu Khai was invited by provinces and cities to participate in teaching schools and classes on traditional medicine knowledge. In 1989, Professor Bui Chi Hieu invited Doctor Nguyen Huu Khai to teach at Tue Tinh Medical and Pharmaceutical College - Ho Chi Minh City. Among the graduating students, many have opened their own clinic. Some practitioners who cannot afford to open the clinic often follow Mr. Khai's assistant. In order to support the students who have opened a diagnosis room and create jobs for those who do not have a job, physician Nguyen Huu Khai organized the production of medicine at 535/24 Nguyen Tri Phuong street (private house of Mr. Ha Quoc Khanh - Public Security Officer, Ho Chi Minh City). The first remedy was a drug to restore liver function, treat rashes, allergies, hepatitis, and tumor ... the drug was introduced and sold under the form of "Shandong forever martial" and mainly advertising, gender. introduced at the train stations, bus stations (Master, physician Nguyen Huu Khai trained internal martial arts, attack and medicine for students to perform martial arts combined with the introduction of drugs). When accepted by the market, sales increased, they asked Mr. Khai to name the drug. Because the drug was born in 1988 (Mau Thin) is the year of the dragon and cure liver disease (belonging to the herb), teacher Khai named it "Moc Long".

With the help of the Red Cross Association in District 5, the facility moved to 64 Tran Phu Street - City. Ho Chi Minh City, then developed 4 more medicinal products that are:

Kim Long (rhinitis, sinusitis)

Thuy Long (Kidney, pink skin, black hair)

Hoa Long (rheumatoid arthritis treatment)

Tho Long (nuggets for children)

Full set of Five elements (Kim, Moc, Thuy, Fire, Earth). At this time, the products have a market. The marketing staff asked Mr. Khai to name the production facility. Due to the production of 5 drugs with the name "Long", the establishment was named: "Ngu Long Pharmacy". Later, more than a dozen products were developed with the dragon's name, so it was renamed: "Bao Long Pharmacy".

The development and reputation of the pharmacy "Bao Long" has reduced the market share and revenue of many oriental medicine establishments. And then "Bao Long" had to constantly face destructive tricks in negative competition, in the end, the fledgling "Bao Long" facility had to temporarily stop operating to consolidate, then physician Nguyen Huu. Established Southeast Enterprise in District 3 - City. Ho Chi Minh City invited to cooperate to manufacture Bao Long products at 168 August Revolution, then moved to 63 Nguyen Thong Street, then had to change to rent the premises of the Real Estate Service Enterprise at 83 Ly. Chinh Thang (Bao Long is only eligible to rent facilities in places no one dares to live in, because those places have people who kill them, that place is the warehouse for the remains of American soldiers or where there is no condition, lack of electricity and water ... But after a period of building and consolidating a stable and beautiful establishment, the owner of the establishment again increased its price, could not afford to pay, the teachers and students of "Bao Long" had to leave ... This time to be blessed, teachers and students Nguyen Huu Khai had to gain access to military power and became a division of Oriental medicine of Military Region 7 Pharmaceutical Factory at 138 To Hien Thanh Street Nearly a year later, due to the Army's regulations, it was not allowed to contract with the company. Department outside the armed forces so Bao Long had to leave ...

In 1990, Lieutenant Colonel Ha Quoc Khanh was issued by the City Police Directorate. Ho Chi Minh assigned the task of building a Enterprise of Life, invited teachers and students of Bao Long to organize the production of traditional medicine. On June 1, 1990, Dong Nam Enterprise Bao Long was established at No. 4 Nguyen Canh Tran, City. Ho Chi Minh (back gate of Ho Chi Minh City Police). When developing, the factory in Dong Nam Bao Long had to rent the premises of the National School of Administration (Nguyen Oanh street, Go Vap district). Then I had to move back to the base of the Military Pharmaceutical Enterprise in Thu Duc, then moved to Ms. Thuy's "Coconut Oil Press" facility at Ham Tu Street and rented the campus of the Life Enterprise of the University again. Pedagogy (280 An Duong Vuong, Ho Chi Minh City). In 1992, City Police. Ho Chi Minh City handed over the high-rise building at 126 Hai Thuong Lan Ong to Bao Long Dong Nam Pharmaceutical Enterprise. This is a superficial facility. The Southeast enterprise was controlled by Bao Long at this time by Police Lieutenant Colonel Ha Quoc Khanh as director, Dr. Nguyen Tuan Khanh as the Deputy Technical Director; Herbalist Nguyen Huu Khai is the deputy executive director of production and marketing. But one year later (1993), the State had a policy to limit the armed forces to do business, so Dong Nam Bao Long Pharmaceutical Enterprise had to change into Bao Long Southeast Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and had to move to Hamlet 3, Xuan commune. Thoi Thuong, Hoc Mon district built a foundation on an old apple orchard of Ms. Nguyen Thi Dat (Sister of Medicine Nguyen Huu Khai).

Dong Nam Company is Bao Long at that time, led by physician Nguyen Huu Khai, Bachelor of Huynh Van Hai, former director of the Life Enterprise of the University of Pedagogy. Ho Chi Minh as deputy director. Captain, Bachelor of Pham Xuan Thai (Ho Chi Minh City Police) work as chief accountant. After that, Bao Long developed the market to the Northern provinces, set up branches in Ha Tay and Hanoi ...

Up to now, "Bao Long" has a superficial headquarters at Co Dong, Son Tay Town, Hanoi City. The products of "Bao Long" are more and more prestigious in the domestic and foreign markets. With nearly three hundred medicinal and American products

herbal medicine. There are more than a dozen products allowed to be circulated throughout Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Czech Republic ... When developing strongly, facing the challenge of raw materials, pharmaceuticals must depend on China, both Expensive, low quality, and proactive, "Bao Long" has worked up to Sin Ho - Lai Chau to explore the medicinal plantations, which used to be specialized in growing opium. While business capital is still too short, "Bao Long" has shared it to invest in the construction of a pharmaceutical company Bao Long - Sin Ho, with tens of billion VND for training (recruiting more than a hundred students of Sin Ho - Lai Chau returned to Bao Long Vocational School for years), invested in building roads, building low-voltage transformer stations, building factories, drying grounds, warehouses, and drinking water systems, irrigation water. "Bao Long" allows people to pull electricity back to the village without asking for any contribution. At the same time, building a water tank on the mountain to pump water from the source circuit and then discharge it to irrigate medicinal herbs and let the villagers use it. The remote upland area Ban Re Phin, Xa Re Phin commune - Sin Ho district - Lai Chau province has been "urbanized".

In 2005, "Bao Long" established General Hospital with a team of experienced professors, doctors, doctors and physicians. Bao Long Hospital is the perfect model of the combination of traditional medicine with modern medicine, has won the love and admiration of a large number of patients in the country and Viet Kieu who come for examination and treatment.

In 2007, with the encouragement and help of the Sports Committee and the Ministry of Education and Training, to preserve and develop the martial arts of the country. "Bao Long" has built Martial Arts High School with a multi-level scale (Primary, junior high and high school). Receiving gifted martial arts students from all over the country, studying culture with the same program as any high school and learning martial arts. Bao Long Martial Arts School is a unique educational and training model of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

In order to meet the aesthetic needs of women, "Bao Long" has established Bao Long Herbal Cosmetics Company, Herbal Medicine, Dr. Nguyen Huu Khai inherits beauty remedies for the Queen, Princess and The royal court woman has modernized into over fifty types of products such as face mask, lotion, melasma cream, white powder, rose powder, acne cream, cleanser, shower gel, shampoo hair loss prevention ... It has been trusted and loved by many domestic and foreign women.

Bao Long Oriental Medicine develops a variety of herbal soft drinks to meet the practical needs of consumers.

The reputation of Master, Doctor of Medicine Nguyen Huu Khai and the prestige of Oriental medicine Bao Long have come to international friends. The "Bao Long" campus at 26/4 Phan Van Hon, Hamlet 7, Xuan Thoi Thuong Commune, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City and at Co Dong, Son Tay Town, Hanoi has become a tourist destination combined With medical examination and treatment, ideal nursing. Every year "Bao Long" welcomes tens of thousands of people to visit and give medical examination and treatment. Although busy with a lot of work, physicians and Dr. Nguyen Huu Khai still arrange time to see the circuit of prescribing and treatment. Patients from all over the country and overseas Vietnamese often send their phone numbers at the Call Center of "Bao Long" to be informed of the medical treatment schedule of the physician, Dr. Nguyen Huu Khai in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi campus " Bao Long ”was honored to have the trust of the Party and State leaders and leaders of the Party and State of Laos and Cambodia to have their health checked. On September 22, 2010, Lao National Assembly Chairman Thongsing Thammavong and a high-level delegation of the National Assembly of Laos visited, checked the health and planted souvenir trees at "Bao Long Duong".

Not only a typical unit in the field of medicine production and medical examination and treatment, "Bao Long" is also a leader in cultural activities, education, health care, sports and contributions to the community. , for the society. Every year, "Bao Long" organizes humanitarian blood donation for officials, employees and students. Priority cards have been granted for free medical examination and 40 thousand priority cards for patients on priority policy. At the same time, she is also pregnant, helping many unhappy lives.

With these great contributions, "Bao Long Oriental Medicine" was awarded the 3rd Class Labor Medal by the State President and Dr. Nguyen Huu Khai was also honored by the President with the title of Excellent Doctor and Medal of Labor. third class.

Products of "Bao Long" for many consecutive years was voted as Vietnamese High Quality Goods.

  • Award "Vietnamese Gold Star"
  • Award "The Quintessence of Vietnam"
  • Award "Famous National Brand"
  • National Strong Brand Award
  • Awarded the top Vietnamese brand in Vietnam Top 10

"Bao Long" is always a bright spot for socialization work and is loved by the public.